Criminal & dui defense

Our experience in criminal defense is extensive. Our firm handles alcohol and drug related offenses as well as charges related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI), Underage DUI, Underage Possession, disorderly conduct, assault, shoplifting/theft, and domestic violence.

These charges can be distressing and feel complicated. Let us walk you through the details while advocating for your rights. Our staff includes former prosecutors familiar with prosecutorial strategies, giving her the unique experience to address prosecutor tactics in criminal defense. We are your advocate, having tried over 100 jury trials to verdict and resolved numerous cases short of trial with reduced or dismissed charges.

Do not Delay

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Let’s make a Plan

This can be a scary time. We understand and know what to expect. The top priority is evaluating the situation and planning a strategy to help you get the best outcome.

There is Hope!

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated during these times, but you don’t have to accept the worst – we can help. Let us work on the details.


Arizona has some of the most DUI and DWI laws in Arizona are among the strictest in the nation. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you’re facing a litany of possible consequences. This can include jail time, depending on the circumstances of your arrest. We have successfully argued for reduced and even dismissed charges for clients facing DUI and DWI charges.


If you have been arrested on charges alleging possession of or intent to sell illegal drugs, we can help. We have worked both sides of these cases – as prosecutors and as defense attorneys. We use that experience to help you obtain the best outcome in your case.


Assault charges can vary. Some cases involve allegedly knowingly or recklessly causing physical injury to others or intentionally putting others at risk of injury. Other cases allege physically provoking even without the use of excessive force. Whatever the nature of your assault case, our experience on both sides of these issues will help us form your best defense.

Disorderly Conduct

These charges can be classified as a misdemeanor or felony in cases involving deadly weapons or instruments. Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, we can help you if you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct.

Shoplifting & Theft

As former prosecutors, we know the evidence necessary to bring a conviction and we can help you form your best defense in your case. While Arizona has strict laws surrounding theft, including shoplifting, there are options available to you if you have been accused of this conduct.

Domestic violence

Crimes committed in the context of a domestic relationship can carry additional consequences. We will evaluate the circumstances of your charges and help you identify your best path forward.

What to expect as your case Moves forward

Initial Consultation (ASAP)

The earlier in the process we hear from you the better position we are in to help! We sit down with you to discuss the facts of your case and capture as much information as possible. We will inform you of all your options and help you decide the best path forward.

Case Preparation

At this stage, we gather all the evidence we need to support your case. This may include depositions of witnesses, documents, and other records.


Often this is our opportunity to bring your case to a close before trial. Whatever the facts and circumstances are in your case, we will use everything at our disposal to negotiate on your behalf for the most aggressive outcome.

Trial Preparation

If it is in your best interest to bring your case to trial, we will prepare a thorough defense to present at trial.


Having tried over 100 cases to verdict, we know exactly what it takes to give you the advantage as your trial proceeds.

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